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Who is PJ
Who Is PJ?


Paul M. Johnston Sr. ("PJ"), is a tool and die maker by trade. He's supplied production parts in Canada for Cooey and Winchester, also Remington and Lakefield Arms. A respected machine builder, Paul's developed a solid education in metallurgy and manufacturing.

This background, combined with his serious interest in firearms, has given Paul a broad knowledge base.

Among gun enthusiasts, he's considered a very reliable source of information.

Paul M. Johnston Sr. "PJ"

From an early age, Paul's been a hunter and avid gun collector. He belongs to several gun clubs and has been a recognized amateur gunsmith for over 30 years. If you have a question, ask Paul - he can help you care for your guns.

He belongs to the following clubs/associations:

  • Canadian Shooting Sports Association
  • Hamilton Military Collectors Society (HMCS)
  • Ontario Arms Collectors Association (OACA)
  • Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH)
  • Sharon Gun Club
PJ's Promise
Trust PJ's Gun and Metal Care Products to not only meet your needs but to surpass your every expectation. We have everything you need to maintain your firearms so they not only look great and work well, but they retain their value.


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