Introducing The RB-17® Product Line


RB-17 Products Gun Cleaner


In addition to gun collectors and shooters, RB-17 products have been used for years by such high-profile organizations as:

  • Canadian armed forces and police services.
  • USA Department of Justice personnel.
  • USA Air Forces.
  • USA Coast Guard.
  • USA National Park Service.
  • Shilen – maker of fine barrels, triggers and bullets.
  • Springfield Armoury.

Gun Cleaner - a world renowned non-toxic, biodegradable gel made of "earth friendly" natural products, without acids, phosphates or petroleum by-products. It completely dissolves (deep cleans) rust from all metal parts in seconds, breaking down oxides quickly and safely.

  • removes rust without harming the bluing
  • dissolves lead/copper/brass/plastic bore buildup
  • removes old gun oil, hand stains and worn varnish on stocks
  • erases black powder residue and powder burns from cylinder

  4 oz. $15.00
16 oz. $45.00

NOTE: Due to the non-toxic nature of the RB-17 gun cleaner, we have been advised by users who suffer from asthma and depressed immune systems that they comfortably work with this product.

TIP: For DEEP cleaning, it is beneficial to warm the metal with a hair dryer or heat gun to open the pores of the metal so the cleaner can work more effectively.


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