Introducing Clenzoil®

Clenzoil Field & Range is a well-established cleaner, lubricant and rust preventative oil that effectively removes built-up oils, dirt and other contaminants. It will clean and lubricate your gun for precision firing and prevent rust buildup so that when you're next ready to use it, it's ready for you.

Clenzoil is an all-purpose cleaner and preservative. It was invented in 1948, after years of study and research by Ellis Christian Lenz, who claimed it was “Great for Lock, Stock and Barrel”.


  • outperforms in its ability to prevent rust.
  • operates across a much wider temperature range than other products  (doesn’t slow down in below-zero temperature conditions).
  • prevents plastic wad buildup in shotguns.
  • severely retards lead and copper fouling in full-auto and semi-auto pistols and rifles.
  • NEVER gets gummy or sticky with age. In armoury storage, Clenzoil© remains fluid on guns for at least 15 years so they are field ready in minutes with no additional cleanup. It absolutely eliminates ‘spoilage’ in harsh climates, field conditions and long-term storage.  

Gun owners and sportsmen have also found Clenzoil to be an excellent protectant and conditioner for fine leather slings, holsters, scabbards, wood stocks, grips and forearms.

This high quality one-step product application extends beyond firearms maintenance. Clenzoil has become a preferred item for machine tool maintenance and is popular with outdoor enthusiasts for preservation of sporting gear. Fishermen, boaters, hunters, recreational shooters and collectors choose Clenzoil as an ideal addition to their kit. It cleans and lubricates without buildup so items never feel greasy or gummy. Best of all it doesn't freeze. Try it - you'll love it!

8 oz. $30.00 (with trigger $35.00)

Lambswool Oil Applicator: For easy application of Clenzoil, we now offer a high quality lambswool oil applicator (pad is approximately 5" in diameter). Just pour the oil on this lambswool pad and wipe down your guns, knives, etc. Easy and effective!

1 pad $15.00

Clenzoil Patch Kit: Introducing the new one step solution, giving Clenzoil fans their favorite product on pre-saturated patches, in a portable compact container!

Approx 75 per jar $15.00

Clenzoil Foaming Aerosol - for large hard-to-access areas, this cleaning agent's foaming action removes all dirt and grime from crevices, etc., leaving a very protective, rust inhibiting surface coating.

4 oz. $25,00

Clenzoil Hinge Pin Jelly - this heavy 'super grease' lubricates hinges on over/under and side-by-side firearms and shotgun choke threads.

0.25 oz. $15.00

Clenzoil Users:

Attesting to its remarkable effectiveness are many service men and women, champion shooters, collectors, machine tool shops, fishermen, boaters, etc.  Here are just a few of the multitude of users that have made Clenzoil a must in their maintenance kit:

  • Chosen by famed gunmaker, ArmaLite, for use in production of each new ArmaLite gun. ArmaLite is the original developer of the M-16 rifle.
  • Used by Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Co. on their Parker and Model 21 Reproductions (values start at around $11,000 US).
  • Selected by quality knife maker, Knives of Alaska, for exclusive use in their production process to treat blades and handles.
  • Endorsed by Bill Hanus, renowned Shotgun Editor of Gun Digest, as well as Guns Magazine, The Grouse Point Almanac, Pointing Dog, and several other US gun publications.
  • Exclusively used by Ithaca Classic Doubles Shotgun Company, manufacturer of premium shotguns, for final bore-cleaning after factory proof-firing of each new gun.
  • Used as official cleaner-lubricant-protectant by The Museum of Weapons (USA).
  • Supplied to several U.S. Military Special Operations Units.

Clenzoil Uses:

can also be used for cleaning and maintaining    the following:

  • Farm Machinery
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Motorcyles - Great on Chrome!
  • Machine Shop Tools
  • Garden Tools
  • Tool & Die Maker Applications
  • Sports Equipment
  • Leather - Belts, Purses
  • Metal
  • Wood.



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